Polette is a french optic company selling their in-house designed prescription glasses. With their zero-stock policy showrooms instead of physical shops policies they have made a name for their brand in Europe and recently expended their business to Mexico, UK and China.

During my employment in Polette, one of the projects that i was responsible for was creating their first-ever mobile application that would emphasise their zero-stock policy with a very close connection to their showroom system together with developing a first on the market Try-On system that would allow polette's customers to virtually try-on glasses and match the frames to each one individually.

Mobile App, UX Design,
Magento, Figma


To bring a real-life shopping experience into a mobile e-commerce platform and improve the conversion rate by tailoring its user experience.


In times of COVID-19 pandemic (when the online shopping took over even more) it was necessary to change the initial deadline. Based on the general user needs and stories alongside with the company’s needs, in the end, the scope for first release was reduced to the onboarding process, homepage (with limited functionality), the product catalogue with filtering and sorting system, and the product page.


Research process was divided into user and market research. As polette's physical showrooms were a big part of marketing strategy, I looked into main aspects of real life shopping that together create the experience and searched for aspects that i could connect and integrate into the new app. The research consisted of naturalistic observations, interviews, desk research and competitive analysis.


Developing the mobile application was a huge success for Polette. It has increased their online sales, improved the digital presence and helped the company with their zero-stock business model which was achieved through connecting the app with their showrooms and allowing for online in-store purcheses.

In addition the Try-on feature was a huge success making the difficult process of choosing the right frames for each user a much easier and intuitive experience.

Application met with great reviews both on App Store and Google Play. With over 2,5k reviews it achieved a 4,7 rating.

Key UX factors
Stimulating customers into increasing sales by purchasing more products
Making the interface easy to understand
Bringing the real-life shopping experience into digital platforms
Bringing the real-life shopping experience into digital platforms
Try-On feature
Polette's mobile app